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Google Suite Integration

For ETQ, part of Hexagon

Tools Used


Google Docs

My Role

UX Design

UX Research

This project was undertaken at a former employer - ETQ, part of Hexagon. Any brand names/product names mentioned are property of said company. I am sharing this work for portfolio purposes only.

Problem Background

The product I am working on here is called ETQ Reliance, a quality management software used in a wide variety of industries.  A customer has requested a Google Docs Integration feature in Reliance.

Problem Statement

The goal here is to create a net new feature in Reliance - allowing Google Docs to become usable within Reliance. The user will be able to attach a Google Doc to a Reliance document, and edit/collaborate on that Google Doc within Reliance.


My role in this project was UX designer.  On the product side, I worked with a Product/UX Manager, as well as another designer initially. On the engineering side, we discussed technical specifications with our Dev Lead and his team of about 5-8 front-end developers, as well as several QA specialists. 


This feature was successfully deployed in Spring 2022.  It was the first net new feature in this product in at least 3 years.  A future expansion to include Google Sheets was planned.


Design Process


High-Fidelity Designs

User Flow


Myself and the other designer began by thinking through the current process of opening, sharing, and editing a Google Doc, and how that would fit into our product's experience.  I then developed some simple wireframes/low-fidelity screens:


The first low-fidelity design of what the Google Doc will look like inside Reliance.


Once the high-fidelity designs were complete, I mapped out the user flow screen-by-screen to present to the development team:

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