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Global Search Function

For ETQ, part of Hexagon

Tools Used



My Role

UX Design

This project was undertaken at a former employer - ETQ, part of Hexagon. Any brand names/product names mentioned are property of said company. I am sharing this work for portfolio purposes only.

Problem Background

The product I am working on here is called ETQ Reliance, a quality management software used in a wide variety of industries.  The product has gone through a number of versions throughout its existence.  In an older version, the user had the ability to perform a "global search" of the entirety of the data they had stored in Reliance.  The user interface was a very simple search bar that returned a few suggestions based on the keyword entered.  This global search function was taken away in later versions of the product, and customers (the users) are asking for it back.

Problem Statement

The goal here is to bring back a global search function in the product, allowing the user to efficiently locate the record, attachment, or other data that they seek.  This functionality should be much more detailed and user-friendly than its predecessor.


My role in this project was UX designer.  On the product side, I worked alongside a fellow UX designer/researcher and the Product/UX Manager.  On the engineering side, we discussed technical specifications with our Dev Lead and his team of about 5-8 front-end developers.  The project was eventually deprioritized.  When the project was later revisited, I worked as the lone UX designer.


Design Process

Phase 1

Here, I used Lunacy (independent design software similar to Sketch/Figma) for the initial designs.

Initial search results page


Next phase of drawer design


Updated search results page, left side menu section shortened

results - menus collapsed_edited.jpg

Drawer, error state 1 with toast message

error state - type unchecked - toast msg.png

Initial Save Search feature

results - save pop-out.png
screen 1.png

Updated search results page, left side menu section expanded

results - expand all.png

Drawer, error state 2 with toast message

error state - applications unchecked - toast msg.png

Initial Share Search feature

results - share pop-out.png

Initial View Saved Search

results - saveSearch popout 3.png

Initial Sort By dropdown

Phase 4 - results - sortBy dropdown open.png

Initial View By dropdown

results - View dropdown open.png

Mobile Screens (Phone and Tablet)

Drawer for mobile

mobile 1 - drawer.PNG

Results page for mobile

mobile - results page.PNG
iPad Pro 11_- results - left nav open grayed.png
iPad Pro 11_- results - left nav closed.png

Initial drawer design

Left nav expanded (left) and collapsed (right) for tablet

Phase 2

Updated Results page with left menu sections expanded

phase 2 - results - menu expanded.png
phase 2 - noResultsFound.png

Updated Share Search feature

phase 2 - shareSearch.png

Updated View By dropdown

phase 2 - results - menu collapsed.png

Updated Results page with left menu sections collapsed

Video of clickable prototype for updated Search Drawer

"Empty states" for Results page (left) and drawer (right)

Updated Save Search feature

Updated View Saved Search feature

Updated Sort By dropdown

phase 2 - sortBy.png
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